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This Dating App Lets Your Actual Heart Choose Your Matches

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Everyone deserves a little pitter-patter in their lives, even if it’s really just a chemical reaction causing a surge in adrenaline and heart rate when a hottie walks by.

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Still, established mutual attraction is a good place to start, which is why the creators of Once, a new dating app, figured out a way to let our beating hearts do most of the talking.

Though the science of attraction and love isn’t exact, the app has about 600,000 users four months after launching. Curated by human "matchmakers" based on profiles and previous likes, users are offered one potential match a day.

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That’s when things get interesting.

With and integration, users can sync the app to their fitness devices to measure heart rate when they get that first glimpse of possible lovers.

Talk about love at first … heartbeat.

It doesn’t end there. To prove their heart’s all a-flutter, the app’s next update will enable users to record and send their heart rate readings to suitors.

You know, just in case mutual attraction isn't enough.

The app’s creator and CEO, Jean Meyer, says the purpose of Once is to provide a "slow dating" option.

“Either the dating platforms are too complex, aimed toward an older demographic,” Meyer says, according to TechCrunch, “or they are focused on casual dating and hook ups.”

With the addition of heart rate, he says it will be easier to ensure that when someone "likes" another user, it’s meaningful and not wishy-washy. Still, let’s hope a meaningful reaction does actually indicate attraction, rather than other causes of increased heart rate, such as horror or shock.

The app is currently available in , and there’s no word yet on when it might start pairing Americans through their fitness monitor readings.

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