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FBI Unlocks iPhone, Ending Its Dispute With Apple -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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The phone is unlocked. The U.S. government retrieved data without Apple’s help from an iPhone used by one of the San Bernadino terrorists, according to the New York Times. NPR adds that the move effectively ends the legal dispute with the company and that the Justice Department has asked to vacate the order for assistance. 

A first time for everything. Oculus Rift was released commercially yesterday. Watch first-timers hilariously experience the world of virtual reality.

An Internet milestone. Periscope reached 200 million livestreams in its first year, according to Venture Beat.

Approved and now available. The first 3-D printed drug approved by the FDA is now available in the U.S., according to Forbes.

Ain’t no party like a Netflix Party. An unofficial third party chrome extension lets users download Netflix programs and sync their viewing, says TechCrunch.

Tipping the black hat. Famed hacker and troll Andrew Auernheimer showed how easy Internet-connected printers are to hack by forcing thousands of Internet-connected printers to create racist propaganda fliers, according to ReadWrite.

Anything comes at a price. You may finally be able to talk to your favorite celebrity, for a price, thanks to TipTalk. The app allows the rich and famous to set a price for private messages, videos or photos.

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