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Mint Juleps, Fancy Hats and Lots of Trash: The Kentucky Derby by the Numbers (Infographic)

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The Kentucky Derby has been called “the fastest two minutes in sports,” but a lot of work goes into the race before its starts and after the winner crosses the finish line.

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Did you know, for instance, that it took 2,000 hours for the workers at New England Sterling to create the coveted trophy -- worth approximately $200,000 -- in 1975? For the 90 percent of women who choose to wear a hat to the event, they’ll need to pay between $500 and $1,000 for their high-end version of the fashion statement. Considering there are 170,000 people expected to attend the race this year, that’s a lot of work for the hat makers. It can take up to a week to produce one oversized headpiece.

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Personal finance website WalletHub created an infographic with insights on the amount of food and drink consumed at the event (there’s a beverage more popular than the event's signature mint juleps), the amount of money gambled and claimed, how much cleaning up is required after the race, the economic impact of the race overall and more.

Take a look at the infographic below for more stats about the "run for the roses."

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Kentucky Derby (Infographic)

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