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Millions of Employees Are Now Eligible for Overtime Pay Thanks to New Federal Rule -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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Minute by minute. Millions of workers would be eligible for overtime pay with this new federal rule.

A quick buck. Looking for a summer job? These might be the best places to look.

Facing adversity. People with criminal records may be harder working employees, according to this new study.

Security risk. LinkedIn passwords that were stolen in 2012 have surfaced for sale online. The network is working to invalidate the affected passwords.

An adjustment. Apple’s applied for a patent that would make the iPhone an all-screen device.

Butting heads. Using Facebook data, The Wall Street Journal made a tool for users to see both sides of the argument in their newsfeed.

The return. Nokia phones are making a comeback after Microsoft sold its mobile portion of the company and its assets to Foxconn.

Dinner and a show. Check out this viral video of a  grandma working at a New York McDonald’s who serves up a rap with those fries.

Proof is in the picture. Millions of Imgur users are posting images of Burger King’s hot dogs. Their accompanying statements aren’t complimentary of the new menu item, and neither are the photos themselves.

Say hello. Google's new messaging app, Allo, has AI built right in. It was announced during the I/O developer conference.

For the love. Despite prior qualms, this tech nerd finally let down her guard and gave Snapchat a chance. She ended up falling for the app -- hard.

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