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Apple Has a New App to Teach Your Kids to Code. These Sites Can Help You Learn as Well.

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You’ve been saying it forever -- you need to learn how to code. But with a busy schedule and a demanding work week, you just haven’t had the or money.


Like it or not, coding is becoming a prominent skill in the workplace, and it's popping up on more and more of candidates' resumes. To keep up with the competition, now’s the time to hit the keyboard.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a genius at to know your way around a computer. These free sites and programs can help you pick up the skill on your time:

1. Swift Playgrounds

Coming this fall, ’s iPad application teaches kids, and adults, how to code using Swift. The language is what the company’s developers use to program the majority of apps created today. Users learn to code through a series of lessons and games.

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2. Code Academy

As one of the more popular and well known resources in the coding community, Code Academy offers a series of tips, how-tos and tutorials to get your creative coding juices flowing. Since its multiple resources and vast libraries are free -- there’s no reason you couldn’t open an account and start how to code now.

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3. Stack Overflow

Though Stack Overflow doesn’t exactly provide tutorials or a step-by-step how-to guide, it’s a great resource for specific questions or examples. The community of developers and coders can also help you to find bugs in your code when you’re just not sure where you went wrong -- or learn from other’s mistakes.

4. Free Code Camp

This free program offers a series of courses and tutorials for you to get started. Then -- when you’re ready -- will have you learn in real time by putting your knowledge to the test and assigning you projects and coding assignments for actual nonprofit companies. Don’t worry too much about messing up, the site has a community of more than 300,000 developers.

5. LearnCode.Academy Channel

If you’re a more visual person and video might prove to be more helpful, LearnCode.Academy might be your best bet. The YouTube Channel offers a plethora of different tutorials and sessions from javascript, HTML, CSS and more for the beginners -- or the pros.


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