3 Travel Tech Gadgets to Keep You Charged and Online

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We've all been there: Powering up your laptop only to realize you forgot to charge it the night before your flight. Or waiting an hour at baggage claim to find out your luggage is lost. Things happen and whether by a force of nature or our own fault, we've got three gadgets to prevent your worst travel nightmares. 

Energize your laptop

Travelers have many choices for juicing gadgets on the go, but there’s not much to differentiate one backup battery from another. What sets the ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet ($185) apart: In addition to two USB jacks, it features a full AC outlet, making it the rare roving device capable of powering a laptop -- or really anything else you’d need. Plus, its 27,000 mAh capacity is several times larger than a typical battery pack.

Track your luggage

Checking luggage can feel like playing airline roulette. The Smart Unit Luggage Tracker ($80) goes inside your bag and uses nearby cell towers to give you a real-time view of its whereabouts as soon as you (and it) land, via an app. It even alerts you if anyone opens your luggage. Built-in Bluetooth pings you if your bag somehow strays from sight, be it by theft or forgetfulness. 

Get unlimited data

For global nomads, roaming bills can quickly rival a small nation’s GDP. Skyroam ($125) is a mobile hotspot that provides unlimited data in more than 90 countries, for a flat fee of as little as $8 per day. Up to five devices can connect at once, and because it operates using individual day passes (three come included), you pay only when you want it -- with no risk of going overboard.  

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