Entrepreneur Media's President on Entrepreneur Lending Launch

This program from Entrepreneur Media's business side is designed to eliminate a common business roadblock.
Entrepreneur Media's President on Entrepreneur Lending Launch
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Financing is one of a small-business owner’s major roadblocks. Sometimes it’s hard to raise money. Other times it’s just hard figuring out which financing option meets your needs. For nearly 40 years, we’ve done our best to guide you on those decisions. Now we’d like to offer something a little different -- not just advice in the pages of a magazine or on a website, but actual capital. We’re here to invest in our readers, with dollars.

I’m the president and CEO of Entrepreneur Media, and I want to introduce you to something we launched this summer: Entrepreneur Lending. It’s a financing service powered by CAN Capital, a forward-thinking finance company that, since 1998, has provided access to more than $6 billion in working capital to more than 175,000 small businesses. (And don’t just take our word for it: Forbes called CAN Capital an “innovative business with a revolutionary financing model.”) Through Entrepreneur Lending, small businesses throughout the United States can access multiple types of loans, sometimes up to $150,000 per location. If you qualify, in most cases the funds can be on their way to your company’s bank account in as few as two business days.

We created this program because we truly believe it can help entrepreneurs grow -- whether they want to open new locations, purchase inventory or equipment, hire new employees or fulfill other business needs. Entrepreneur Lending’s quick access to working capital will be a game changer for entrepreneurs who need it. Its application process is designed to be quick, to fit easily into busy schedules.

Now, I want to be clear: Although I’m proud of this new service, and am telling you about it in this magazine, this will not impact our coverage of other financial subjects. Our reporters and editors will continue to do what they’ve always done -- give you important, unbiased information about loans from other sources, including banks, crowdfunding, VC investments and all the other valuable ways to raise money that have nothing to do with us. I know why you trust us: It’s because we cover a wide spectrum of accurate and relevant subjects for entrepreneurs, without making ourselves the story. That’s good journalism. That’s our integrity. None of that changes.

But if we know anything about entrepreneurs, it’s that they embrace alternative ways of doing things. They do what others might think is crazy. We believe we should run our business the same way. That’s why we want to take this bold step -- an actionable and exciting new way for our brand to be along for our readers’ journeys.

If you’re interested in learning more about Entrepreneur Lending, visit entm.ag/lending.

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