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Considering Escaping the U.S.? Here Are Some Deals You Can't Miss.

Here's some post-election travel discounts you don't want to miss.

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Amongst all the election uproar, many people are so upset by the outcome that they're wondering if they should flee the country. Case in point: Canada's website crashed after Donald Trump was declared the winner of Tuesday's election.


Travel companies were quick to pounce on the trend, offering some awesome deals that both Trump and Hillary supporters alike will love.

Malaysian-based AirAsia is offering flights for as little as $6.85 until Nov. 12. Although there's a pretty big catch -- most of the flights are based out of cities in Asia, so you'll have to get yourself over there first before you can enjoy these sweet deals.

British Airways, TAP Portugal and SkyTeam Alliance (Delta, KLM Royal Dutch and AirFrance) are also trying to get you out of the post-election chaos, offering affordable international flights. You better act fast though -- round trips to Europe are less than $500 right now from big-name airports.

But if you're set on escaping to Canada, you can score an American Airlines flight to Calgary, Vancouver or Montreal for less than $400 through Google Flights is offering a $309 trip to Winnipeg during the week of Jan. 12.

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