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Two Women Launch School to Teach People How to Be Adults

From folding clothes to networking -- this school wants to teach you how to be an adult.

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The idea of becoming an adult can be daunting, but maybe all you need is some outside help.

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A new school in Maine called the Adulting School says it will teach students the essential skills it takes to be a successful grownup. It’s not what you think though -- students won’t find themselves in a home-ec class. It’s quite the opposite: many events are hosted in bars and restaurants across the U.S.

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Launched by Rachel Weinstein, a psychotherapist, and Katie Brunelle, a wellness coach, the school organizes groups and local events to teach everything from financial planning to meditation to yes -- folding laundry. The majority of attendees are women and .

The school “is a great way to learn, have a good time with friends, meet some new people and drink good and eat yummy local food,” reads the school’s website.

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Realizing how much young adults struggled with things from choosing a career to paying bills, the idea initially sparked from Weinstein’s work as a psychotherapist. "You know, when you see 10 people feeling like they're the only one, and they're all struggling with the same thing, you think, let's get these people together so they can learn this stuff and not feel so isolated and ashamed," Weinstein told NPR.

Who knew hanging out at a bar and to be an adult could go hand in hand?

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