The Heart Behind the Business You Want

Accountemps' Michael Steinitz explains how vacation improves productivity. Nathan Latka of 'The Top Entrepreneurs' compares soft vs. hard power.
The Heart Behind the Business You Want
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Entrepreneurs are always on the go, working around the clock to build their vision and work towards their goals. In contrast, Accountemps Executive Director Michael Steinitz warns that it’s crucial to let employees disconnect after a hard day’s work. Going further, Steinitz explains why letting your employees enjoy a well-earned vacation can actually improve overall productivity. Then, our favorite "guerilla investor," Nathan Latka, is back to discuss the differences between soft power and hard power. Find out which will help your business run smoother. Are you ready to invest in your future? Listen now. 

  • [00:00:00] Take a Break! Let Employees Disconnect During Off-hours
  • [00:05:39] Vacation Improves Productivity, Refreshes Mental State
  • [00:11:30] Have a Business Emergency? Accountemps to the Rescue
  • [00:17:21] Don’t Look for Equity, Look for Return, Says Nathan Latka
  • [00:27:44] Soft Power vs. Hard Power: How to Seal the Deal 
  • [00:32:21] Increase the Spread Between Earning and Spending 

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[00:00:00] Take a Break! Let Employees Disconnect During Off-hours

As an entrepreneur you are always on the go. Host Alan Taylor even jokes about taking his phone in the shower! We understand. When charged with leading a company, it’s hard to know when to call it a day and take a break. This 24/7 mentality has some interesting ramifications on corporate culture when it comes to your employees. Accountemps Executive Director Michael Steinitz divulges the latest research on how employees are staying connected while out of the office. The results may surprise you. 

[00:05:39] Vacation Improves Productivity, Refreshes Mental State

We are living in an extremely connected world with always-on smart devices. Between emails, social media notifications, app alerts, phone calls and texts, we’re constantly receiving the latest updates. Today’s 9-5 warriors are using their days off to get away and unplug from the daily grind (to the chagrin of some employers). Steinitz tells us that this time is invaluable to reset your mind in order to approach the next work day with an enlivened outlook. If you want to see fresh opposed to frustrated faces on Monday morning, listen now.

[00:11:30] Have a Business Emergency? Accountemps to the Rescue

Do you run a small business with a modest sized crew? Odds are you’ve run into a staffing emergency a time or two. Accountemps can help. Steinitz says you can avoid unnecessary employee burnout, boost morale and get projects completed quickly by utilizing the highly skilled candidates at Accountemps. Simplify the hiring experience and find the right temp for your needs, learn how.

[00:17:21] Don’t Look for Equity, Look for Return, Says Nathan Latka

We had the host of The Top Entrepreneurs podcast, Nathan Latka, on the show a few weeks ago to tell us the story of how he acquired an Austin-based food truck, Yummy Thai Food. Latka tells us, “When you understand expenses, then you understand opportunity.” Inspired by Latka's hutzpah, Taylor tried his luck at his local farmers market, hoping to partner with a small honey business. Taylor and Latka share the critical questions to ask when vetting a potential opportunity. Tune in for excellent tips on how to look at business from a different angle.

[00:27:44] Soft Power vs. Hard Power: How to Seal the Deal 

Latka recently made a sweet deal with a popular Austin food truck. Latka credits the success of his bold business approach to what he calls "soft power." Soft power is an ability to shape a situation based on attraction and appeal. This is often preferred in business transactions over "hard power," which utilizes money as the primary form of persuasion. Latka tells us there are many reasons that deals can fall apart at the last second.

[00:32:21] Increase the Spread Between Earning and Spending 

It seems to be a universal idea that if you want to get out of debt or be more successful, you need to make more money. Latka tells us that we need to change the way we look at this age old equation. Instead of simply increasing earnings, we also need to minimize expenses. With personal anecdotes and helpful tips to shift our perspective on the importance of money, we learn how to make each paycheck stretch. 

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