Multiply Your Marketing Using Facebook Live

Overcome your stage fright and broadcast yourself live to leverage your marketing and get a bazillion leads.
Multiply Your Marketing Using Facebook Live
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There have been a lot of announcements and changes coming out from Facebook, causing Internet “buzz” to go a bit crazy. Speculation has been rampant how algorithm changes might affect marketing plans, advertising campaigns and content strategies.

There have been few specific details shared by Facebook, except one very important statistic that can multiply your results dramatically on the platform. “Live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos,” said Adam Mosseri, head of Facebook’s Newsfeed.

If you aren’t using Facebook’s Live video option, you are not only leaving interaction behind, but you are also losing out on exactly a bazillion leads and sales. Exactly one bazillion. Each time I run a video I receive thousands of views and hundreds of interactions. And it is 100 percent free.

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Facebook Live

I get it: It can be intimidating to be on camera, especially live. The beauty though is that no one expects it to be perfect. It is live, so it is assumed that it won’t be 100 percent polished or pristine. And as a bonus, being real on camera means being real with your audience and it’s an effective way to build rapport and trust.

Let me break it down.

Pick a topic your prospects are interested in. Here are a few places you might find inspiration in what you and your company are already doing:

  • Do you have an upcoming webinar or seminar? If so, break apart the content you will share there into different tips you can give over a series of Facebook Lives and in each one, link back to your upcoming event for the viewer to register. About 15 percent of those who opt-in for our top funnel,, which shares how to get 10,000 fans in 72 hours, come from our Facebook Lives. This translates into tens of thousands of dollars in profitable sales.
  • Are there questions prospects always ask you? Start a series of Frequently Asked Questions simply answering the things you get asked most often. One of our Doctor’s office clients did this with questions on insurance and what’s covered and what isn’t. The video received hundreds of comments and interactions and resulted in new patients.

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  • Is a blog part of your marketing? Then each time a new one is published, share a tip, strategy, or point of view from the piece and link back to the article in your video description. Promoting our blogs in my Facebook Lives has dramatically increased the traffic to our site.
  • Do you have a product, program, or service that is easy to demonstrate? If so, run a Facebook Live with full-on demonstration. We did this with our Med Spa client, sharing what different facials are and how they worked, to give people who never had one before some familiarity. It helped to drive new patients to the practice. I also do this for our Facebook Live training,, where we received hundreds of registrations from just one video.
  • Struggling to come up with a topic? Check out It is a listing of the top questions asked on Google about your topic area. Get hundreds of questions quickly that you can turn into a series of Facebook Live videos.

Set up your “broadcasting studio.”

Facebook Live is available on your phone, laptop or PC. As long as you have a camera in your device and working internet, you can get online. As you get started, the easiest way is to use your laptop or PC so the camera is stable and the sound is clear. The most professional and flattering angle is from above, so raise up your laptop or computer before starting.

Lighting is also important and can take your appearance from looking like a creepy horror movie lurker to a flattering professional broadcaster. Natural window light works well or you can invest less than $100 to purchase a video light from Amazon. I use ring mirror lights that are promoted as being for makeup tutorials, and they work fantastically well. I am tempted to carry them around with me wherever I go to get that same glow -- even just to get the stares from fellow passengers when my new light friend is my carryon.

Grab a cocktail. Or a best friend. Or both.

Getting drunk before going on air is a terrible idea. But setting the stage for you to be a bit more relaxed and more yourself can help your first time to be more authentic and enjoyable, for both you and your viewers. Lighting a favorite candle, having a glass of wine, or enjoying the support of a friend can help put you at ease. Whatever you need to get a bit relaxed before your Facebook Live, go for it.

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The best way to get over your fear of broadcasting live is just to do it. And once you do, it gets easier and easier every time. And the more you do, the more your results increase with more viewership, engagement, and most importantly, leads and sales.

Ready to multiply your results by six? Decide to launch your first Facebook Live this week.

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