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Get Smarter About Business Cheaper With These 10 Free Online Courses

Put yourself on the road to more knowledge and better leadership.


A successful entrepreneur knows that they won’t be able to achieve their goals unless they are always learning something new. What you may not know is that a number of top universities across the world offer free online classes for you to bolster your skills as a leader and business owner.

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Take a look at some of the newest ones that are available:

Class: Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health

School: Harvard University

What you’ll learn: How to cut down on costs, increase revenue and run a stronger company by focusing on the health and well-being of your employees and customers.

Class: Sales Pitch and Closing

School: Northwestern University

What you’ll learn: How to make a strong sales pitch for you and your company, develop your brand and make a good impression on your potential client.

Class: Connecting with Sales Prospects

School: Northwestern University

What you’ll learn: How to run a successful meeting, improve your ability to tell stories and ask important questions and give and get feedback on your performance.

Class: Introduction to Strategic Doing: An Agile Approach to Strategy

School: Purdue University

What you’ll learn: How to develop trust with people you haven’t worked with before, improve your collaborative skills and adjust your strategic plans as issues arise.

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Class: Organisational behaviour: Know your people

School: Macquarie University

What you’ll learn: How to manage and lead people with different approaches and personalities and strengthen office relationships.

Class: Discover the Leader in You: Six Questions to Ask Yourself

School: Austin Peay State University

What you’ll learn: How to be a leader in your organization, even if you aren’t at the executive level, and strengthen your skills for once you get there.

Class: Leadership and Influence

School: University System of Maryland

What you’ll learn: How to keep employees engaged, promote collaboration, handle conflict and create strong teams where everyone is able to contribute and lead with their strengths.

Class: Attending a Networking Event

School: University of Washington

What you’ll learn: How to perfect your elevator pitch in quality and delivery, present yourself with the clothes you wear and have meaningful conversations in a potentially awkward setting.

Class: Emotional Intelligence at Work

School: Coventry University

What you’ll learn: How to measure emotional intelligence and best utilize it in your office.

Class: Agile Leadership Principles

School: University System of Maryland

What you’ll learn: How to empower your employees, recognize your own bias in how you make decisions, help your team be creative and manage conflicts.

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