These Are the 10 Highest Paying Jobs at Google

Using Glassdoor salary data, we've compiled a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs at Google, and what duties help to snag those salaries.
These Are the 10 Highest Paying Jobs at Google
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This story originally appeared on Glassdoor

Google is, for many people, a dream company for which to work. And for some of the tech giants top employees, many people earn dream salaries there, too. Using Glassdoor salary data, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs at Google, and what duties help to snag those salaries. Now, go work your way up the tech ladder!  

1. Senior Vice President

Salary: $661,000-$710,000

As a senior vice president at Google, your job responsibilities might include overseeing revenue generation, presiding over operations, analyzing financial reports, ensuring company policies are followed, and identifying and leading new business opportunities.

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2. Director of Operations

Salary: $304,000-$330,000

A director of operations will work with a supervisor to make decisions for operations and activities, as well as to set strategic goals. They also must be able to plan and monitor the day-to-day running of the business unit -- and that includes including supervising staff from different departments and providing constructive feedback, according to Google.

3. Director of Engineering

Salary: $300,000

A director of engineering provides technical leadership to major projects, but also manages a team of engineers. He or she must be able to optimize code and make sure engineers are able to optimize their code, too. Plus, as a director of engineering, you will manage project goals, contribute to product strategy, help develop your team and much more.

4. Senior Director, Product Management

Salary: $296,000-$323,000

A senior director -- who specializes in project management -- has a proven track record of building and leading product teams, Google says. By using deep analytical skills, data and customer conversations, you will help your team informed product decisions. 

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5. Director, Global Partnership

Salary: $286,000-$314,000

Google’s director [of] global partnership is responsible for exploring new opportunities with Google’s partners, according to Google, which adds that the global partnerships team supports Google’s product teams in order to help Google’s user experiences in advertising, search, maps, shopping and more. Plus, those teams create product-enabling partnerships, market strategies and incubate business growth for a variety of products, Google says.

6. Senior Director, Talent Management

Salary: $282,000-$305,000

As the senior director of talent management, your job duties might include leading talent development and assessment programs and managers, as well as developing pipelines, driving targets and providing guidance. You’d also work with other senior leadership and develop solutions and implement business objectives within talent management programs.

7. Finance Director

Salary: $274,000

At Google, the finance director would be responsible for maximizing returns on assets, as well as establishing financial policies, procedures and reporting systems. The person in this job is responsible for legal and regulatory compliance in the accounting department.

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8. Director, Product Management

Salary: $268,000-$338,000

As the director of product management, you’d be responsible for understanding customers’ needs, and then translating them into product value -- plus building out platforms in a scalable way. You will also collaborate with the engineering, design, research, data science and program management teams to contribute to the development of product roadmaps.

9. Global Creative Director


The global creative director leads a team of designers, technologists, strategists, writers and filmmakers who shaped the Google brand, according to Google. That means you will create interactive experiences, marketing campaigns, films and products that define the voice of Google and its sub-brands such as Chrome and Nexus, according to Google.

10. Director of Marketing


At Google, the director of marketing is responsible for strategizing and implementing the organization’s marketing campaigns. The director of marketing also is in charge of making sure marketing projects are not only finished on time but also bring in profit.

(By Jillian Kramer)

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