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How Rockabye Baby! Founder (and David Lee Roth's Sister) Hit It Big Turning Rock Songs Into Lullabies

Lisa Roth made several career pivots before landing on a formula that has translated to nearly 100 albums and hundreds of millions of streams.


On this episode of How Success Happens, we chat with Lisa Roth, founder of Rockabye Baby!

Allison Roth

Putting a baby to bed can feel like a Herculean feat. And not just in terms of getting the child to sleep; it can also be grating for parents forced to listen to boring old lullabies night after night. Enter Lisa Roth, sister to legendary Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. The music industry executive came up with the idea to create lullaby versions of rock and rap songs when she asked herself, "What kind of gift would I actually want as a mom?”

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Albums from the Rockabye Baby! series have sold in the millions, with Metallica, Beastie Boys and Nirvana among the most popular. On this episode of How Success Happens, we learn how Roth pivoted from a career as a nutritionist to starting a groundbreaking new musical genre… and helping moms and dads everywhere maintain their sanity.

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