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Increase Sales With 'The Dessert Pitch'

Your energy alone will help increase sales.

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A while back, the "Tall One," aka my husband, some good friends and I went out for an “it's-been-way-too-long” double date.

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As always, the best part was our conversation -- which was proven hysterical because I collected at least 20 southern stares while my loud and proud NJ-self bellowed with laughter.

A good night indeed.

But the grand finale was the sales pitch the waiter gave for the dessert. As he shared the sugary treats, he seemed uninterested and sleepy. I thought he might lay down in the booth next to us and call it a night. But then, all of a sudden, he came to life. (It’s a miracle!) As he shared the final option, he sounded like a kid on Christmas morning with the first peek of wrapped presents under the tree. His excitement was contagious and persuasive.

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Before you could say “sucker,” the choice was, of course, the final combo dessert option, a Bananas Foster rum bread pudding combo. And as he walked away, this table full of salespeople realized we’d been had. His energy close worked. He walked us right to the sale.

The good news is, you can do the same thing.

Changing your speed, tonality, and excitement doesn’t just work for the finale of a good meal. It works anytime you are trying to make a sale. From a one-on-one prospect meeting to a speech on stage at the main call to action, to the close on a webinar.

Your energy needs to stay high throughout and especially at the close if you want to be effective. If you aren’t excited about the solution, how can you expect your prospect to be excited?

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A few ways to keep your energy up during a webinar:

  1. Play a song that pumps you up before you start to get that heart racing and energy up. I like to full out dance before I start. You can do jumping jacks, headbangs or get your booty shake on. You do you -- just more animated.
  2. Stand to give your webinar. Use a standing desk or laptop tray to get the monitor up because you want it above your head.
  3. Smile during the entire webinar. It sounds crazy pants, but it gives off your enthusiasm for what you are sharing on-screen.

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Watch for the content and for my energy during the presentation. See how it changes at the close and in my final words on the screen. Take notes and be ready to give the enthusiastic close.

And then walk your prospect to the close.

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