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How to Be Nice While You Kill Everyone Around You in Pro Gaming

CLG superstar Stephanie Harvey is on a mission to make gaming fun, inclusive and extra explode-y.


If you play Counter-Strike, the name MissHarvey fills you with either fear or respect or likely both. Stephanie Harvey (i.e MissHarvey) is one of the top Counter-Strike players on the planet, having stalked the battlefield for 16 years and earning five championships for her efforts.

Stephanie Harvey

Recently, esports organization Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) announced that Harvey was joining the company in a newly created position, where her infectious passion and positivity for gaming would be put to work engaging with the female esports community. She'll be an ambassador for CLG initiatives, as well as the world of gaming as a whole, setting her sights on inclusivity, healthy behavior and, yes, bringing esports to the Olympics. 

MissHarvey stopped by the Entrepreneur offices for this week's episode of Get a Real JobListen in as she discusses what it takes to succeed (a lot of practice) and which video games even our thumb-challenged host can excel at (spoiler alert: none.)

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