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Meet the Zero-Gravity Massage Chair That Brings the Spa to You

Featured at CES, this massage chair is like a full spa experience.

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Entrepreneurs work hard. You don't always have time to run off to the spa for a massage — you're locked into your chair all day getting things done. So why not bring the spa to you? The Consumer Electronics Show-featured Zenith Massage Chair by Adako is a power move.

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This enormous, futuristic massage chair is what we like to think Captain Jean-Luc Picard sinks into after a long day running the USS Enterprise. In one chair, you can get an automatic body analysis, followed by a deep massage using an L-shape massage roller, multiple foot rollers, and an air-driven pressure massage. The chair even has a heating and zero-gravity function to help you feel extra relaxed.

The design is meant to target muscles in your neck, arms, back, body, butt, and legs using a fully customizable setup that forms to any user's specific needs. Thanks to the automatic body analysis, the chair adjusts to your weight and height in real-time. The zero-gravity function positions your feet higher than your head, taking stress off your lower back while improving circulation as the rollers hit all of your pressure points. It even has built-in USB MP3 player so you can enjoy your tunes while you relax.

You don't have to work from it but you'll certainly be more relaxed if you do. Either way, you'll have a massage experience just waiting for you at home or in your office. The Zenith Plus 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair retails for $7,995 but you can actually take a few grand off the MSRP and buy it today for $3,999.

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