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Stay Productive With This Basic Home Device

It'll help keep the air fresh and your mind focused.

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Research shows that stale air can make you less productive. And yes, the inverse is true as well: fresher air will make you more productive. For some people, working from home is challenging enough. You need every bit of focus you can get and a mind that's distracted by stale, musty air isn't going to be as productive as it could be. The good news is this issue can be helped easily and inexpensively with a dehumidifier. The Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier, for example, will work to eliminate moisture and mold in the air, and will only cost you $39.99.

Andrea Piacquadio

This portable dehumidifier is astoundingly powerful for its size. With a 600ml tank capacity, it can remove up to 300ml per day of excess moisture from the air, improving air quality and reducing mustiness. The Sorbi is powered by advanced thermoelectric cooling technology, so it operates quietly so to not distract you from a meeting or task. Its quiet hum is actually perfect for maintaining a distraction-free home office. Plus, the plug-and-play design ensures you can easily move around the house and set it up in just moments. You can even let it run overnight as the automatic shut off protection prevents flooding or water overflow, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Whether you like to work in a home office, bedroom, living room, the kitchen, or anywhere else, this dehumidifier goes where you go and works almost instantly to clean the air around you. You could even be recording a webinar from a closet or the bathroom without the mustiness distracting you.

Normally $49.99, you can save 20% off the Sorbi Mini Air Dehumidifier when you get it for $39.99 today. You can also save 11% off the extra-large 1L Sorbi when you get it for $79.99.

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