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Social Distancing Mental Health Tips From a NASA Astronaut Who Lived in Space

Tracy Caldwell Dyson has logged more than 188 days in space and over 22 hours on spacewalks. She knows a thing or two about isolation.


You want to talk about social distancing? How about spending 174 days floating 240 miles above the Earth’s surface?

NASA Johnson

That’s what this week's  Get a Real Job guest has done, and a whole lot more. Tracy Caldwell Dyson is a NASA astronaut who flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor and worked inside the International Space Station. All told she has logged more than 188 days in space, and over 22 hours on spacewalks. Here, she talks about the mental and physical toughness it takes to spend huge amounts of time in confined spaces, and finally reveals whether the Earth is actually flat. (Spoiler alert: It isn't.)

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