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Want Takeout? Here's How to Win $1,000 to DoorDash.

Just enter your email and you could have takeout through the end of quarantine.

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Food is one of those essentials that can help us cope with even the worst of times. Unfortunately, as the global economy dips and disposable incomes dry up, the restaurant industry has taken one of the largest hits. Still, takeout and delivery are available at many restaurants and it's important that communities support those restaurants to help keep them afloat through this crisis. If you're having difficulty justifying for takeout, consider entering The $1,000 DoorDash Gift Card Giveaway.

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All you have to do is enter your email, and you'll gain entry to this giveaway. If you invite friends to enter, you'll get additional entries. If you win, you'll have $1,000 to spend exclusively on takeout through DoorDash.

Worried you might not be able to get your favorite takeout place? That's unlikely considering DoorDash offers more than 300,000 local and national restaurants in cities across the U.S. and Canada. From local sushi to your favorite burrito joint, there's a very good chance it's available on DoorDash.

When you sign up for DoorDash, let them know your location and delivery preferences, and you'll establish a seamless #StayHome delivery experience. They'll customize restaurant and food item suggestions for you as they learn your preferences and help you set up contact-free delivery to ensure everyone's safety. Whatever you're craving, you'll be able to get it for free.

It's free to play. Enter to win The $1,000 DoorDash Gift Card Giveaway today and thrive through social distancing with your favorite foods.

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