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The 'Hygiene Hand' Was Designed by a Paramedic to Keep Your Hands Germ-Free

This clever device helps you get through your day without touching germ-ridden surfaces.

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It's happening. Some areas of the country are beginning to roll back social distancing measures and reopen the economy. But just because you can go more places doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind. Likewise, if your state is still in quarantine, you should be taking precautions when running essential errands. One of the best ways to keep yourself and others safe is by avoiding touching things like elevator buttons and ATM machines. Doing so with the Hygiene Hand is easy.

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Designed by a retired New York City paramedic, the Hygiene Hand is made entirely from a solid piece of brass. Brass is inherently antimicrobial, so the Hygiene Hand works to decrease the spread of germs while helping you get through your day. That's what we call a win, win.

This clever, pocket-sized device has a flat stylus tip for pressing buttons and keys, a door hook for pulling handles, and a finger hole for ease of use. It also has a keyring loop to fit easily on your keychain. When you're out running your essential errands, the Hygiene Hand reduces point of contact by 99 percent so you almost never have to touch any surfaces that you don't want to. That way, no germs get on your hands so when you mindlessly touch your face later, you're less likely to spread the virus to your mouth or nose.

Hygiene Hand successfully raised more than $500,000 on Kickstarter because it serves such an essential purpose — at a time when we need it most. Normally $25, you can get a Hygiene Hand for $19.99 today, or save more and get two for $37.99 so you can share with someone you love.

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