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This Genius Company Is Simplifying Dinner Prep at a Price You Can Afford

Get more bang for your bite with EveryPlate.

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The life of an entrepreneur is hard enough without thinking of all the things you have to do around the house. Eating nutritious, fulfilling meals may not be your first priority when you're also running a business, but it should at least be on your mind. Meal subscription services have made a killing for years capitalizing on the busy schedules of working professionals who just want to eat without thinking too much about grocery shopping, cooking, or planning meals. Unfortunately, they often wind up spending a small fortune on their diet in the process.


EveryPlate is dedicated to making meal services simpler and more accessible to everyone. Like other services, EveryPlate does the planning and shopping for you, giving you 13 meal options each week that they'll deliver right to your door, ready to cook in as little as 30 minutes. Where EveryPlate is different, however, is in their value.

EveryPlate gives you more bang for your bite, with meals that cost just about $4.99 per serving, significantly less than many other services. Each meal is carefully packed and pre-measured, with produce that is the same quality as competitors at a value that can't be beaten. With more choices, you can pick a plan that works for any dietary restriction or taste and it's easy to substitute or adjust meals on the fly. 

Other meal services operate with restrictive, intensive meal options, resulting in high per serving price tags that defeat the value of convenience. EveryPlate believes that dinnertime should be simple, and something you look forward to every night, not a luxury.

The business world is complicated enough without having to factor in dinner. Why not make it easier on yourself? Get two weeks of meals for just $2.99 per meal when you sign up with EveryPlate today.