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Why Companies are Turning to Flatfile to Solve Data Onboarding

Flatfile is changing the way B2B companies import and migrate customer data.

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Working with massive amounts of data is essential in modern business. Data affects every business decision, with lasting effects on customer relationships. Getting customer data into applications is typically inefficient and costly, which is why it's critical to provide a seamless data onboarding experience for internal teams and customers. That's much easier said than done, especially when you're working with data from a number of different sources with multiple stakeholders.


Customers and internal teams are typically burdened with formatting spreadsheet errors, fixing validation problems, and wrangling data so that it’s in a usable state. Companies tend to ‘solve’ this critical business inefficiency using pre-built CSV templates, custom import scripts, costly implementation services, or dedicating valuable engineering time to building a custom import solution.

Flatfile is creating a new standard with business products that innovate and solve customer data onboarding.

How Flatfile works.

With Portal, your customers can confidently import spreadsheets, correctly, the first time, freeing your internal team from manually fixing their data. Portal guides customers through an interface which automatically structures and formats incoming customer data. No more pre-built CSV templates, or having to assign engineers to spend critical time cleaning messy customer spreadsheets. 

Advanced functions for in-line data validation and transformation, ensures no data error goes unchecked. Portal bundles Data Hooks™, a powerful feature for validating complex data with limitless use cases. Need product SKUs containing hundreds of formatting errors to be fixed before importing? Data Hooks takes care of that. Best of all, as your customers import spreadsheets, Flatfile Portal automatically learns how their data should be ingested, automatically mapping columns on their behalf. Customers no longer need to spend time matching spreadsheet columns and ensuring fields are properly assigned.

Flatfile's mission is to remove barriers between humans and data by solving data onboarding. With a focus on eliminating repetitive work, Flatfile ensures B2B data transactions are fast, and error-free. Over 300 million rows of data have been onboarded for companies like ClickUp, Blackbaud, Benevity, and Toast. Flatfile solves data onboarding so that customers, partners, and vendors spend less time fixing data, and more time using it.

Data onboarding shouldn't be a costly, time-consuming business problem. To learn more about Flatfile's products and how they can help your business, visit

Parrotmob – Osa Gaius, Entrepreneur and Founder: "Being a developer and CEO it is crucial that I find places where I can save time and be efficient. Having a tool like Flatfile lets me focus on selling the product rather than building a data importer and that’s a huge service to us."

Oversight Software – John Baigent, Co-Founder: "Flatfile primes us for growth. We aren’t spending precious time reinventing the wheel in terms of file upload, we are spending our time developing features that our customers want to see and subsequently make their jobs easier."

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