When You'll Be Able to See the Astronomical Phenomenon That Hasn't Happened Since the Middle Ages

Jupiter and Saturn will have a unique alignment for just five days for the first time in 800 years.
When You'll Be Able to See the Astronomical Phenomenon That Hasn't Happened Since the Middle Ages
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Looking at the night sky always surprises us, although sometimes we forget it or get lost in the brightness of the big cities. This end of the year brings us one more gift: it is the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn , an event that has occurred since the penultimate week of December.

This phenomenon is extremely important because of its strangeness, according to some astronomers, it had not happened since the thirteenth century , when the "Great Conjunction" was seen. However, there are variations between the records from the last time it was recorded, some pointing to the 17th century. Some also call the event the "Star of Bethlehem" , due to its proximity this 2020 with Christmas.

This 2020, for five days, Jupiter and Saturn will align in such a way that they will look like a double planet. The phenomenon will be visible all over planet Earth.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, where and when it will be seen

According to astronomer Marino Hernando Guarín, the planets will align after months of slowly approaching. As if that were not enough, the event coincides with the winter solstice , which gives it a mystical aura. For some, this will be a Christmas present, especially in a year in which mass parties and gatherings will be changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, in which we must learn to look at things with a new eye.

Thanks to the low luminosity of winter, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be visible with the naked eye from December 16 to 21. However, the ideal would be to attend an observatory or use a telescope.

Binoculars, on the other hand, are not a good option, as splitting the lenses could distort the phenomenon. You must also take care that there are no obstacles such as buildings, clouds, trees or too much light pollution.

These conjunctions are not common due to the different translation times of each of the planets, hence their scientific importance. Do not forget it, as it could be the only time you will witness it in your life.

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