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41 small businesses to support at the end and beginning of the year

The end of the year parties are coming! Let's support Mexican businesses by consuming local by buying our gifts from these entrepreneurs.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

In March I remembered a Chinese curse that says "May you live in interesting times" and certainly, 2020 has been a terribly interesting year. However, it seems curious to me that it is a supposed wish for bad luck because entrepreneurs, in fact, want to live interesting times because we know that is when there are more opportunities. Even more so if we talk about Mexican entrepreneurs .


We know what it is to live and survive crises and, as we demonstrated in the 1985 earthquake and once again (in case there was any doubt) in the 2017 earthquake, Mexicans always give a hand to those who need it.

That is why, believing in the spirit of the community, I have decided to list the offers that many SMEs and solopreneurs are contributing to fill our end-of-year gift lists.

In this list ( which will be updated every two days until Three Kings Day ) we will give a brief explanation of what each entrepreneur is offering and where you can find it.

Do not forget that you should review the specifications of each offer on its website as they will be subject to changes for which Entrepreneur cannot be held responsible.

1. Handmade soaps by Ely-an

Image: Ely-an

  • : Tlatelolco,
  • Website or Facebook Page
  • Promotion: Soap in the shape of little sheep of abundance, coconut soap and / or activated carbon, apple aroma with $ 35 chocolate coin.

2. Organic Coffees from Small Producers from MyCoffeeBox

Image: MyCoffeeBox

  • Location: Chiapas
  • Website or Facebook Page
  • Promotion: Know your monthly subscription of organic coffee at home, use the calculator and know which box suits you and try many organic coffees in your home.

3. Gourmet BakeLab Pancakes

Image: BakeLab

4. Scape Home Massage Digital Gift Certificate

Image: Scape

  • Location: Based in CDMX, with presence in GDL, QRO, MTY, SMA, PUE, Valle de Bravo, Toluca, Pachuca, Cuernavaca, Tepoztlan, Cancun, Playa, Tulum, , Los Cabos.
  • Website or Facebook Page
  • Promotion: Code FF2020 gives 20% discount.

5. PromosD Christmas Chest

Image: PromosD

6. Jewelry with recycled plastic from Nila Redesign

Image: Nila Redesign

7. Jewelry with purpose with Verver

Image: VerverMx

8. Accessories made by single moms at CataRanita

Image: CataRanita

9. Sale and repair of all types of Acapulco style chairs in Acapulcool

Image: Acapulcool

10. Candles with intentions from VeLé México

Image: Velemexico

11. Chairs with fully customizable plants from La Silla Poeta

Image: The Poet Chair  

12. Chilanga Lottery Board Game by Fundación Ayudar X Ayudar

Image: Fundación Ayudar X Ayudar

13. Teabody Querétaro handcrafted product for skin and hair care

Image: Teabody Querétaro

  • Product: Made with edible grade ingredients.
  • Location: Querétaro with shipments to the entire republic
  • Website or Instagram Page

14. Black clay crafts from MexSilver

Image: MexSilver

15. Sweet Comet Pastry

Image: Sweet Comet

  • Location: Mexico
  • Website or Instagram Page
  • Promotion: For the season bring a box with cookies as a gift. It includes an amigurumi and a hand-painted wooden ornament.

16. Mexiquilla flavored butter

Image: Mexiquilla

17. Eco-friendly alternatives to You very well for the planet

Image: You very well for the planet

18. Neora firming cream

Image: Neora

  • Location: All the Mexican Republic
  • Website or Instagram Page
  • Promotion: With the purchase of any partner package, you receive a free product.

19. Soaps, creams and mist made with Harmony Apothecary essential oils

Image: HarmonyApothecaryMX

20. Textiles made on a loom in Oaxaca by Aire Corazón

Image: airecorazon

  • Location: Oaxaca, online
  • Products: Blouses embroidered by Chiapas hands, textile and work engraving, as well as a variety of succulents.
  • Website or Instagram Page

21. YnmPlants arrangements and promotions

Image: ynmplants

  • Location: Online
  • Promotion: Gift wrapped for these dates.
  • Website or Instagram Page

22. Jericallas (tapatío dessert) for New Years and Kings in CDMX

Image: jericallascdmx

23. Accessories of Belén Bows


24. Scrunchy Designs Hair Accessories

Image: Scrunchy Designs

25. Tavolo gourmet boxes

Image: Tavolo

  • Location: CDMX
  • Product: Gourmet boxes of accessories to accompany wine, alcoholic beverages or simply a snack, personalized for dinners, meetings, events and gifts.
  • Website or Facebook page

26. Diffusers and essences of Los Cucus

Image: Los Cucus

  • Location: CDMX
  • Promotion: When you buy a diffuser with the essence, they give you two candles to light and scent it.
  • Website or Instagram page  

27. Decorative and second-hand candles from the Bazaar de Velas

Image: Bazaar de Velas

28. Handmade children's clothing from Bico Moda

Image: Bico Moda Infantil

29. Mezcal products with Mi Mezcalito

Image: mimezcalito

  • Location: Mérida, Yucatán.
  • Promotion: A gift of mezcal glass in the purchase of any mezcal.
  • Web page

30. Manufacturers of Promotional Plush Toys

Image: Promotional Plush Toys

  • Promotion: Soft stuffed sheep to have wool in 2021.
  • Location: CDMX
  • Web page

31. Personalized Whims on the way gifts

Image: Whims on the way

32. Liquors and sauces of nopal, tuna xoconostle from Único Teotihuacano

Image: Unique Teotihuacano

  • Location: San Martín de las Pirámides, State of Mexico
  • Products: Personalized Christmas baskets and kits with products derived from nopal, tuna and xoconostle.
  • Web page

33. D'Bakery desserts

Image: D'Bakery  

34. Diaries for Mom and Dad

Image: The Family Diary

  • Location: CDMX with shipments throughout the country
  • Web page

35. Healthy craving with Cornstars

Image: Cornstars

  • Product: Made with corn flour made by communities of the Sierra Baja Mixteca, as well as vegetables from the chinampas of San Gregorio Atlapulco.
  • Location: CDMX with home deliveries.
  • Website or Instagram page

36. Mexican Chocolate Sweets

Image: Chocolatería Mexicana

  • Location: CDMX
  • Promotion: 2x1 in truffle fringes
  • Web page

37. Plastic-free Christmas arrangements by RoCeta Coqueta

Image: RoCetacoqueta

38. Skin care with DerMaia

Image: DerMaiamx

  • Product: Natural creams for the skin, made with melipona honey.
  • Location: EdoMex
  • Promotion: Buy Christmas Paks to support Mayan women.
  • Web page

39. Footwear tailored to you with Salvaje Shoes

Image: Wild Shoes

  • Product: Leather footwear made by hand.
  • Location: CDMX
  • Promotion: 20% discount on leather sandals.
  • Website or Instagram page

40. Stuffed animals with history of Moshos

Image: Moshos

41. Art with coffee from Art & Coffee

Image: Art & Coffee

  • Product: Paintings made with coffee beans and ink on book pages, drawings made with charcoal from Oaxaca and Portraits.
  • Location: CDMX
  • Christmas promotion: 20% discount on all products.
  • Website or Facebook page