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Dell Shows News in Certified Monitors for Microsoft Teams

The American multinational company announced the launch of three new certified monitors focused on its teleworking software.

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Dell kicks off 2021 big with its introduction of the three monitors that come certified for . Apart from including a button that lets you instantly start the messaging application .

This range of monitors and laptops are designed for productivity, and focusing on and make three different models.

All of the above, because there is still time to try to return to normality as it was known before the coronavirus pandemic, which as a consequence has generated that several jobs were carried out remotely - within what is possible - which has fostered a boom in videoconferencing and teleworking .

The will add this element in order to facilitate the tasks of the users, since they will not need to use the mouse or touchpad to open the application. Associated with this, they will have the possibility to make and receive calls , as well as join virtual meetings.

Better connectivity in video conferencing

We all know the importance of having good connectivity when working, so Dell makes this possible with video calls, creating a combination with an IR camera coming from 5PM, added speakers, dual 5W and a noise canceling microphone, whose objective is the improvement of connectivity and videoconferencing as a satisfactory activity.

Similarly, the company aims for users to enjoy a more ' secure and convenient ' login experience using the same with facial recognition, Windows Hello, and hands-free commands with Microsoft .

It is important to mention that this American company not only presents monitors certified for Microsoft Teams, it adds the ConfortView Plus technology, whose reduction in blue light emissions is spectacular while offering color precision, since it ensures the vividness of the colors.

The three new Dell monitors

Dell announced that this will be available on video conferencing monitors: Dell 24 (C2422HE), Dell 27 (C2722DE) and Dell curved model 34 (C3422WE).

The smallest version measures just 24 inches and retails for $ 519.99. The second model has a 27-inch screen and costs $ 719.99. The third is the 34-inch - the largest - and will be available for $ 114.99. On February 16 all three versions will go on sale.

It is not surprising that Dell has made the decision to add this new function to its monitors as a way to reach its users , since as we know, during the pandemic the use of platforms such as Microsoft Teams has been an essential tool that has increased in its use and practice.

Dell Image - Video Capture

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