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Why Keeping Top Talent Should Be Your Top Priority in 2021

Employees want to feel appreciated and like they belong -- show your employees that you care about them and that you're invested in their development.

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The economic crisis has forced companies to make tough decisions regarding staffing. With the future up in the air, leaders and departments have been forced to implement furloughs or even let go of people in certain roles. More than 22 million jobs disappeared in 2020, and 10 million of those positions never came back.

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Now that the economy is starting to recover, retaining top talent should be your no. 1 priority for 2021. Why? Many companies showed their true colors during the pandemic — for better or worse. If you sidelined employee needs during the global health crisis, you need to reaffirm dedication to your staff. After all, businesses rely on their talent to function at an optimal level. You have to invest in the who make up the foundation of your team.

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