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Thanks to a Follower's Tweet, Elon Musk Is Building a Power Plant Near the Gulf of Mexico

The new 100MW megabattery could power some 20,000 homes and perhaps Musk's Starbase city project, which will bring together his companies SpaceX, Tesla and Starlink.

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An entrepreneur and visionary, Elon Musk almost never plays things safe. Each of his projects is a piece of something bigger.

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong vía BI

Now, the billionaire is building a mega power plant in Texas — very close to the Gulf of Mexico — seemingly as a result of a follower's tweet. 

Last week, Musk reported on Twitter that he is creating his own city that he will call Starbase. It will be located in Texas, near the SpaceX, Musk's spacecraft company. It will also house Starlink (Musk's satellite internet system) and Tesla's electric vehicle facilities.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla subsidiary Gambit Energy Storage is assembling the megabattery in Angleton, a city of 20,000 south of Houston. When ready, the power plant could provide 100MW of electricity to about 20,000 homes.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) assured that the site will begin operating in early June, the same outlet said.



The tweet that inspired Musk's megadrum in Texas

The entrepreneur already has some experience in the field of energy supply. In 2017, he built a 100MWh battery farm in South Australia.

Then, last February, when much of Texas and northern Mexico were without power as a result of the weather, a Twitter user asked Musk if it would be possible to set up a battery plant, similar to the Australian one, in the Lone Star State.

The businessman, who has the gift of making even the wildest projects seem easy, answered with a certain "yes."



Musk has a budget for the megabattery and more

Yesterday, the Tesla CEO reportedly lost about $27 billion in a week, due to the plunge in shares of his auto company, alongside  other reasons. His fortune came to $151.1 billion, leaving him in third place in the Forbes billionaires ranking.

However, today, Musk's fortune seems to have reversed because, as of this writing, he has recovered about $16.5 billion, as well as the title of the second richest person in the world.

We'll pay attention to any developments in the stock market to see if Musk maintains his position or continues to see ups and downs in his fortune.