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10 techniques to increase your capacity for innovation

Entrepreneurs are passionate about innovation, it mobilizes us, promotes change and allows society to evolve. Here are some tips to innovate.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

All organizations, companies and people want to be innovative because we are passionate about innovation , it mobilizes us, promotes change and allows society to evolve. All innovation is born with an idea, a solution to a problem or is even born by chance.


Although an innovative idea is the first step to innovate, the key is not to have ideas, but to execute them, and this is where the problems begin.

Implementing ideas is complex, for various reasons, including the technology required to do so, the financial resources that this implies, the capabilities available, among other aspects. But the most complex factor to manage are people and their ability to work as a team so that these innovation projects can materialize in innovative products, services or solutions.

Planning or proposing an idea is easy, implementing it is complex. The idea that there are no internal combustion cars to reduce pollution on the planet is more than 80 years old, or that of having vehicles that are safer to drive to reduce the accident rate, but it has not been easy to execute them. To make them a reality, several changes in the environment have been necessary, such as political will, the existence of new technologies, a willingness to renew the automotive industry, new actors that enter the industry and accelerate change, new software that allows driving vehicles autonomously, the development of new electric batteries with greater autonomy, and so on.

Therefore, creating an enterprise is not easy, however, it is necessary to start from the first step, the creation of a business idea, for this I recommend you follow some of the following techniques to increase your capacity for innovation.

1. Adapt

Analyze existing ideas in other industries, and see how it is possible to adapt them in the industry that interests you.

2. Search for reference companies

Do a research of companies that operate in other markets, that are not competitors because they are not in your market, take their business model and adapt it to your local market.

3. Get inspired by nature

Realize how nature has solved many problems, you can imitate it and adapt its solutions.

4. Make a comparison

Analyze what competitors are doing in an industry, compare them and identify what their main differences are, what they do not do, what they are not delivering to their customers, identify the spaces in the market where they are not. There are the business opportunities not covered.

5. Get involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Register on the entrepreneurship sites to be informed, so you will receive news of new projects permanently, this will help you keep your eyes open in search of a good idea.

6. Use Google Alert

Use Google alerts to stay informed on entrepreneurship and innovation issues. In this way you will stay updated on what is happening in the world on these issues.

7. Take advantage of brainstorming

Present your problem to a group of people (friends, family, etc.) and ask them how they would solve it, you will be surprised by the answers that many of them give you and they will help you shape your business idea, and the best of this, is that it is free.

8. Learn the art of asking

The art of asking is basic in every entrepreneur. Talk to potential customers and ask them: How do you feel about your products today? What would they change? Which of the products they use are better? What brand do they prefer and why? What attribute do they value the most? What attribute would you like the product to have? When inquiring, it is the clients themselves who will give you new ideas for your venture.

9. Drive for rebirth

This consists of adapting an old idea to the new times. Take a business or product idea that was successful in the past and adapt it to today's customers. For example, there is a whole market for old game consoles and music on vinyl, you can sell these products or sell accessories for these nostalgic customers.

10. Try new markets

You can also position yourself with your products and services in new markets that were not relevant before, but which are today. For example, if you had a grooming products business, today you can refocus your products on caring for pets. You can also focus on markets with upward trends, such as the elderly, men's personal care products, single-family families, among others.

Once you have detected a business idea, it is recommended that you share it with people who help you improve it. Also, don't forget to keep it simple and not make it complex, as it will be more difficult to implement. Finally, go with your business, even if the idea is not perfect, you will see that along the way you will make adaptations until it makes full sense to your customers.