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Motivosity Is Helping to Make Employee Engagement Easier

Because happy employees are more productive employees.

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Nobody wants to feel unappreciated at work. And yet, 70 percent of American workers say they feel un- or underappreciated by their employers. Happy employees are motivated employees, so it pays to invest in employee appreciation. Especially as the post-pandemic economy makes more jobs available, employee retention is critical.


In a newly remote and hybrid world, it can be easier than before to find a new job since you don't have to be physically present to do a job you love. As such, business owners must retain their top talent to ensure success in the post-pandemic world. Retaining that talent is all about improving employee engagement and employee appreciation.

There are many ways to make your employees feel appreciated, but for appreciation to really pay dividends, it has to be a part of the corporate culture. Pizza parties aren't quite the same as systemic perks and incentive programs.

One company is aiming to simplify employee appreciation. Motivosity provides companies a way to make sure their employees feel consistently recognized and motivate them to achieve at the highest level.

What is Motivosity?

Motivosity believes that happy employees are better employees. They help solve the three factors that make employees more engaged at work: being recognized and appreciated for the work they do, feeling a sense of community, and building a strong relationship with their manager.

Motivosity gives companies seamless, simple tools to improve morale organization-wide, with no startup or implementation costs. With public peer-to-peer or manager appreciations, everyone can see how achievements are recognized across teams and departments so nobody's work gets lost in the shuffle. Plus, all of those recognition points are valuable data when it comes to performance review time.

With personality profiles, personality tests, personality heat maps, interest groups, and more, Motivosity makes it easier for managers and employees to connect and click on a personal level. The platform also enables you to track and reward important milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries to ensure people are recognized on big days. You can even give spot bonuses to employees who have earned them.

Why use Motivosity?

The employee recognition platform has been shown to improve employee satisfaction by as much as 52 percent. It has earned more than 700 5-star reviews on Capterra and seen a greater than 95 percent user adoption rate at customer organizations.

Through public recognition, personality profiles, and more, you can make employee appreciation truly a part of your culture. While public recognition is great, Motivosity also allows employees to cash in their rewards and recognition for real, tangible rewards. You can customize a rewards and an awards program however you want to make the employee appreciation experience truly unique to your business.

The number one reason to adopt Motivosity, though? It has no start-up costs, implementation costs, or customer success costs. Head on over to Motivosity's site and request a demo to see how you can get started without breaking your budget today.