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SoftBank to offer free classes for entrepreneurs from Latin America and South Florida

The bank collaborates with more than 20 entrepreneurs to give a series of master classes to improve technological talent.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The SoftBank School of Operators (“SOS”) is collaborating with more than 20 founders and expert operators to deliver a series of master classes designed to build the next generation of technology community in South America. Florida and Latin America .
Pepper, el robot semihumanoide impulsado por Softbank.

Masterclasses, open to the general public for virtual registration and participation, are part of a semester program that will also offer college-level courses and graduate credit to those enrolled at Florida International University (FIU) , Miami Dade College (MDC) and the University of Miami (UM).

The masterclass series will be webcast to registrants around the world. In addition, SOS has partnered with WeWork so that those enrolled in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil also have access to view the sessions virtually from designated brand coworking spaces.

"Our vision is for the SoftBank School of Operators to facilitate knowledge sharing and empower the next generation of company founders and operators to become leaders of the most successful startups in South Florida and Latin America," he said. Alex Szapiro, Operating Partner and Head in Brazil of the SoftBank Fund for Latin America. "We see an incredible future for technology in Latin America, and that future begins with education."

SOS will host an introductory session, How Inputs Affect Outcomes ”, on Thursday , August 12 at 12 pm ET with Alex Szapiro. The session will serve as an introduction to the master classes and it will discuss how the obsession with the main inputs of the company, price, speed, operations and customer opinion, can generate better results in profitability and growth long-term.

The series of masterclasses will officially begin on August 26 and will continue every Thursday from 12 noon to 1:30 pm ET until November 26. Speaker sessions will include “Building in Miami” with Miami Mayor Francis Suárez; “Establish key performance indicators and objectives” ( Setting KPIs and Goals ) with the general director of WeWork Latin America, Claudia Woods; and “Culture of startups” with the co-founder and president of Rappi , Sebastián Mejía; “Growing up with a startup” with the CEO of Creditas, Segio Furio; “I listen to the clients” with the CEO of Gympass , Cesar Carvalho: and “The Power of Stories ” with the CEO of Kavak , Carlos Garcia.

The full list of speakers and the course schedule can be found on the SoftBank School of Operators website.

Find more information about the courses on the SOS page .