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Mexico seeks to reinvent itself through Artificial Intelligence

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation process in Mexico and more and more companies are reinventing themselves through Artificial Intelligence to maintain their profitability.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Reinventing itself so as not to disappear, to that point of no return, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) brought thousands of companies of all sizes and sectors in Mexico.

Marisol Benitez y Possessed Photography vía Unsplash

In this scenario, O ne of the most disruptive technologies exploited to achieve digitalisation and economic growth was the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"The pandemic taught companies the importance of adopting technologies such as AI to digitize, improve the quality of care they provide to their customers, in their services and enhance the work generated by their collaborators, this while reducing costs and increasing their income ”, says Israel Alejandro Cauich Viñas, founder and CEO of SoldAI .

According to the Digital Transformation index , prepared by Dell Technology , it was announced that during 2020 Mexico experienced an important advance regarding digital transformation , since 52% of the companies surveyed in the Mexican Republic considered themselves part from the category “digital adopters”, that is, companies that are already investing in innovation .

Although Artificial Intelligence is not a new topic in the country, since it has been working on it since the 1950s, only in recent years has AI become the most powerful tool and the great ally of national companies so as not to be left behind in this digital revolution and, thus, to continue growing and being competent in the market.

Technological change in various industries today presents an unbeatable opportunity to position ourselves within countries at the forefront in the development and implementation of AI. The proximity and commercial relationship with the United States, and being a country with an important participation in exports and manufacturing, forces us to incorporate and develop technologies based on AI, which our main clients are already adopting ”, says Ruben Ariff Alatorre Bernal, CEO by Alfonso Marina .

The truth is that the adoption of this technology is not automatic, on the contrary, it requires dynamic and innovative companies that can absorb the tools associated with AI and, above all, a workforce with compatible skills, capabilities and knowledge. and complementary to this emerging technology . This is where Mexico faces a great challenge.

“In Mexico there are innumerable challenges facing the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, one of them being the process of acquisition, cleaning and centralization of data. Likewise, extensive work is needed in industries to digitally transform them and make them 'Data-driven' . Only after this work, the industries will be able to begin to implement artificial intelligence in an appropriate way ”, indicates Fernando González Paulin, Chief Data Officer of RappiPay .

Even though Mexico is a blank canvas , and the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community is just beginning to be exploited, there are already national industries such as automotive, agricultural, financial, retail , among others, that with the application of These technologies have begun to maximize their profits and profitability. And it is that without Data and without AI there is no true knowledge of the client, the industry, or the products .

“In the next five years we will see exponential growth in the AI industry. Unfortunately, companies that do not adapt will lose their position in the market or disappear. That is why it is important that public and private institutions join in this commitment and evolution, to give support and access to companies with limited resources, so that they find growth opportunities ”, says the CEO of Alfonso Marina.

The outlook is clear, Mexico is experiencing a technological awakening and with the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence, the industry is benefiting in a way never seen before, optimizing supply chains, accelerating the implementation of high-value processes and, at the same time, time, highlighting the importance of 'human skills' such as creativity and problem solving.

Therefore, today Artificial Intelligence is the main bet of companies and the Mexican economy to reinvent themselves and face the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Artificial Intelligence, among the three digital trends of the future in Mexico

According to KPMG , the three most important digital trends for the future of Mexican companies are the cloud (77%), Artificial Intelligence (70%) and the fifth generation or 5G mobile network (31%) .

However, in the report " Creative disruption: How CEOs expect Covid-19 to reshape business in the region" , Oxford Business Group places remote work as the most important transformation of companies in Mexico, in second place are technologies of the cloud and in third the automation.

The problem is that many companies in the region still have limited access to and understanding of technology. Almost half of them (47%) are in the early stages of innovation, KPMG notes, and less than 5% have a mature level of innovation, focused on continuous improvement.

“The challenges for the development of Artificial Intelligence in the country are the same as for most of the industries dedicated to the development of technology. It focuses on the lack of access to resources. As private industry trusts national projects and grants them contracts for their implementation, our AI will make its way into Latin American markets, first, and later in the world ”, considers César Antonio Ramírez Vargas, Digital Strategist in Homiefoo .

“AI is benefiting the industry in ways never seen before, optimizing supply chains and accelerating the implementation of high-value processes. At the same time, it promotes a better development of human talent ”, comments Adolfo A. Romero CEO at Grupo Tecporio Innova .

As you can see, there is still a long way to go, that is why, to continue advancing in the development of the Artificial Intelligence industry, Mexico will continue to require dynamic and innovative companies, committed, that believe in the potential that we have as country and that they bet on national talent trained to develop and exploit AI .