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This is how the 'bottle challenge' works to save more than 15,000 pesos without realizing it

If you think that the money is not enough to save or you are unable to meet savings goals, but you know that 15,000 extra pesos will come in handy, the bottle challenge is for you.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

We know that it is very important to have savings habits to meet our goals, treat ourselves or face emergencies. There are many strategies for doing this, but many people find it difficult to be disciplined or believe that they do not have enough money to save. For this reason, we present you the 'bottle challenge' , which allows you to collect more than 13,000 pesos practically without noticing it.


There are two key elements in the bottle challenge : the ant expenses and the 10 peso coins (and, of course, the bottle).

Among the advantages of this saving method is that it is very easy to perform, it does not require great willpower and it does not feel like a sacrifice. Also, you will find that, in the end, it does not affect your monthly budget.

Another point that those who use this technique love is that there are no established savings goals or a fixed term to meet them. You don't have to follow a 30, 100 or 365-day calendar to achieve it, or part with a percentage of your monthly salary or open an account at the bank.

But we go in parts to explain step by step how it works:

1. Get a bottle

The first thing is to get a bottle of soda that will become your 'piggy bank' just by making a hole to put coins. It is your decision if you want to decorate it or paint it black, to avoid the temptation of counting how much you have saved.

A one-liter soda bottle has the capacity to store up to 5,200 pesos in 10 coins , according to estimates from the Mi Bolsillo portal. Therefore, this will be more or less the amount you will have when filling your first bottle-piggy bank.

2. Take care of and / or eliminate ant expenses

Countless times we have talked about what the main ant expenses are and how to avoid them , so we will not delve much: the morning coffee, fast food and snacks, taxis or Uber, etc. For this challenge it will be very important to be more aware of these money leaks or, at least, to control our payment method.

For example, if you are going to buy something that costs less than 10 pesos, pay for it with smaller denomination coins and reserve the 10 ones. Or, pay with a 20 peso bill and it is very likely that the change includes a coin to 'feed 'the bottle.

3. Get 10 pesos off yourself

When you get home, when you are emptying your pockets, collect all the 10 peso coins that you did not spend that day and just put them in the bottle. It can be one, five or more, the important thing is that you have the intention of doing it every time one of these coins falls into your hands.

According to studies, if you do something for 21 in a row it becomes ingrained as a habit, so over time it will be natural for you to do this and you will practically not feel it. How long will it take you to fill it? Whichever is necessary. Do not stress yourself thinking if you are going well or not, if you should put more money in it or if you will end up in 2030. One day, without waiting for it, you will try to put one more coin and it will not come in, so you will know that you succeeded!

4. Enjoy your savings

When your bottle is full you have several options to dispose of your savings: spend them, invest them or save them.

Psychologists agree that it is important to give yourself a reward when you reach a goal, in this case filling the bottle. So you can use all or part of the money to buy something you really want.

There will be those who choose to put the heavy bottle in a corner and start over to increase the sum.

If you feel that you fill the one-liter bottle very quickly, for the next round try a 1.5-liter bottle, which will hold more or less 7,800 pesos, while the 2-liter bottle can save about 10,400 pesos and the 2.5 about 13,000 pesos. . But if you are an optimist, with a lot of willpower and patience, use a 3-liter to have an extra 15,600 pesos .

Why do the savings challenge with 10 pesos coins?

An important part of the challenge is that the only coins allowed in the bottle are the 10 pesos. The logic behind this is found in physics, psychology, and common sense.

Compared to the smaller denomination coins, the 10 peso coin has a good relationship between its size and value . That is, the 5, 2 or 1 peso coins have more volume compared to their denomination. Just think: What takes up more space, ten one-peso coins or one 10-peso coin? As simple as that.

Of course, you can put coins of another denomination and even bills (even better), but the 10-peso coins guarantee that your bottle will fit more money and, therefore, that your savings will be greater. In addition, there is the psychological factor: it does not hurt as much to get rid of them as it does a 50 or 100 peso bill.

In contrast to the small expenses that drain our capital, this method could be called 'ant savings', and is perfect for those who simply cannot stick to a strict savings plan. In the end, almost without realizing it, you will have one or more bottles full of money to fulfill your dreams.