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This Mexican proptech wants to revolutionize the rental of a commercial spot

Spot² is a company that transforms the way that sellers can find a commercial space for their business. Making clients get the ideal spot in less than 10 days.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Spot² is a company that uses technology to reinvent the real estate market. Its objective is to connect users (brands and entrepreneurs) with commercial spaces. The business model is inspired by real estate rental companies located in countries such as the United Kingdom, where this form of leasing began to gain ground in the European region.


What makes Spot² different?

The biggest differentiator of Spot 2 compared to traditional leasing is that it redefines the way in which a person can get a space to locate their business. On average, the waiting time to find a place is three to six months, while with this proptech you can rent it in less than 10 days.

"Omnichannel trends were coming, ecommerce where customers wanted empty spaces and customers were looking for more flexibility. The physical point had to become a brand experience, not just to sell. All this made the ecosystem of the real commercial state change. , we go hand in hand with that change and that revolution ", says Jorge Sequeira Aldrete, co-founder of Spot²

This is possible because of the work the company goes through in receiving a potential lease candidate. Spot² analyzes all the risk variables through its legal team, which checks that the person who rents it is really the owner of the property and that they have all the papers in order.

In addition, it does a structural analysis of the building to verify that it is safe for a person to set up a business. Once the requirements are met, the spot is uploaded to the website where potential customers can see and rent it.

Another differentiating element of this company is the flexibility in rental time of the premises. Spot² offers three types of rental types: short-term, long-term and Pop Up Stores, which are stores with sales dynamics of limited stock and for a short time: from days to weeks before closing. The leasing capacity ranges from days, with immediate payment, to years with recurring rent payment.

J orge Sequeira and Axel Olivella, founders of Spot 2 . Photo: courtesy

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to readjust, to reformulate the way they do business. Not even the experts themselves have deciphered how the market will behave at the end of the pandemic, however, "ecommerce sales: they will continue to grow, more and more brands will enter this sales channel," say the founders of Spot²

"Pop Up Stores: each time they are gaining more strength in the retail they will be a great option that retailers will use in a Post COVID period, because with them they reduce the risk of losses, they are flexible in time, you increase sales margins due to to take advantage of your high seasons. ", says Jorge.

Another important element to mention is the need to create a buying process for both channels, where physical stores synergize with online stores. In this case, buyers can view objects online and go to physical stores to purchase them or vice versa.

The differences between the traditional leasing options and Spot²: it is the digitization of the rental process, the user experience when renting a spot and the flexibility and "tailored suit" that we can generate for your contract.

Jorge Sequeira Aldrete

How does this alternative work for my business?

If you are looking for a commercial premises and you want to make use of this alternative, the first thing you have to do is choose from a wide variety of spots

Once you have chosen the ideal place for your business, you can carry out the reservation process from the website. Spot² will take care of the necessary procedures to reach the best possible agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

“We charge a commission to the landlord when we are successful, that is, when we find him a client who signs a contract. There is no associated cost for lead generation, information digitization, platform space, data analysis, etc. This service is completely free to ensure that the premises are rented successfully ”, clarifies Jorge.

What about the famous "glove"? With Spot², 98% of the stores that are on the platform do not charge a glove, although there are a few that do. In short-term rentals at no time is a glove charged, simply the price per m2 is a little more expensive, explains the interviewee.

What's next for spot²?

The company was founded approximately a year and a half ago and has been operating in the market for the last seven months. Despite being a relatively new company, it has dedicated itself to changing the way commercial real estate does business. Thanks to its potential, this company has achieved its first round of investment and they hope to soon raise the second, which would serve to expand Spot² throughout Latin America and position itself as the leading company in flexible leasing of commercial spots.

With the constant growth of the company, since February to date it has achieved more than 20 developments, which vary in scope between short-term, long-term and pop up store.

Proptech has managed to manage the obstacle that was the pandemic for retail, offering merchants an easier way to get a place when offering their products. It is estimated that, due to the pandemic, the rent of commercial premises has ceased by 43%, this due to the impossibility of businesses to continue paying rates with reduced income. So, with its rapid growth and this window of opportunity, Spot² provides a solution that revolutionizes the way salespeople land a business.