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Attend the IBERO 'The Value of Design' forum and get closer to key figures in the industry

Figures such as Johanna Fabrin, Bruce Mau, Pipe Linares, among other great design stars, will meet at this free virtual event.

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The new normal presents unexpected challenges as companies, institutions, organizations and entire industries have had to reinvent themselves to navigate and withstand the global crisis of recent years. In this sense, design has become an indispensable factor for innovation, since it can help people to live in healthier, safer and happier environments through products, services and experiences that generate well-being in society.


For this reason, the Design Department of the Universidad Iberoamericana ( IBERO ), Mexico City, organizes the Forum “The Value of Design” , a free digital event on October 7 and 8, 2021 that you can follow on YouTube live .

"In the times in which we live today, design is a great ally to present tangible solutions to the problems of society and the planet, and the reality is that even though we designers are aware and convinced of the scope of our profession, many people perceive design as a discipline that makes beautiful things, that focuses on aesthetic issues as if we only dedicate ourselves to beautify things. There are disciplines that do not have to explain the value of what they do because they show it through of their actions, it is the case for example of the lawyers, the freedom of a person sometimes depends on them; or the doctors, just now that we are going through this terrible pandemic, was one of the unions most affected and most valued by all " , commented María Eugenia Rojas Morales, director of the IBERO Design Department, in an interview with Entrepreneur en Español.

María Eugenia Rojas Morales, director of the IBERO Design Department / Image: Courtesy IBERO

This forum is held within the framework of the launch of four new degrees at the university:

  • Sensory design and creative direction
  • Product and experience design
  • Design of fictions and transmedia narratives
  • Sustainable fashion and textile design

"The Value of Design" will have the participation of important designers, Mexican and international, leaders in the construction of greater well-being in society who will contribute their expertise to solve questions such as "How can design improve people's lives towards transformation of society? "," What should this union do to anticipate uncertain scenarios? " and "What alliances have been established with government and strategic sectors to carry out social innovation projects?"

"In this forum we want to speak to all professions, not only to our union, there are many congress events, design magazines that most of the time, are aimed at designers, we need to generate a narrative that reaches sectors such as the political, the economic and social. We believe that just as we have to understand and learn the language of others in order to communicate with them, other disciplines need to understand ours and understand the potential of what we do and this requires evidence, numbers, visible results "said the university professor.

Academics, design professionals, businessmen, opinion leaders, public officials and new generations of designers to join the forum to see the participation of leaders such as:

  • Bruce Mau , Canadian designer, creative, and academic who has implemented his life-centered design methodology in architecture, art, museums, film, environmental design, education, and conceptual philosophy.
  • Johanna Fabrin , from SPACE 10, an independent research and design laboratory, located in Copenhagen whose mission is to create a better everyday life for people and the planet, supported and dedicated to IKEA.
  • Rodrigo Noriega , considered one of the most recognized young industrial designers in Mexico, is the founder of Rodrigo Noriega Studio. He has collaborated with brands such as: Nespresso, Scribe, Adidas, Absolut Elyx, Anfora, Dimitri, Sico and Moda in Casa.
  • Pipe Linares , from COCOLAB, a Mexican studio whose philosophy stems from the power of collaboration for the creation of immersive spaces for museums, stages, sets and installations, creators of the exhibition "Immersive Frida".
  • Borja Martínez , founder of LO SIENTO, a studio located in Barcelona interested in fully addressing the identity projects of corporate design, packaging, restoration or exhibition design, with a physical and material approach to graphic solutions.
  • Gildo Medina , Mexican visual artist, recognized among the 100 best illustrators of our time by Taschen, who has managed to transgress the physical support to the conceptual sphere with a critical and confrontational proposal that resists definitions. He has collaborated with various brands in the luxury sector such as Louis Vuitton.
  • Ricardo Lozano , co-director of What Design Can Do México, has worked in the academic field at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad de la Comunicación and Centro. He is a founding partner of Cítrico Gráfico and the Mexican Open of Design.

"Learn and hear about new approaches and trends, as well as identify the great value that design has in topics such as creative industries, social transformation, crafts, innovation, commerce, brands, inclusion, public space and in general in everyday life. We invite international actors as well as designers graduated from various educational institutions to open a dialogue about the value of design, our purpose is to join forces, work collaboratively and share our knowledge and experience with others to achieve positive changes " Rojas Morales concluded.

Are you interested in attending? Find more information about the Forum "The Value of Design" on the official IBERO website.