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See how to apply for the Tec 2022 Woman Award from Tecnológico de Monterrey, the call is out!

Tec de Monterrey launched the call for applicants for the Tec 2022 Woman Award for the tenth consecutive year. If you want to participate or nominate someone, this interests you.

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This week, the Tecnológico de Monterrey launched the call to apply for the Tec 2022 Woman Award . For the tenth consecutive year, the educational institution grants this recognition to women from the institutions that make up its community: Tec de Monterrey, Tecmilenio, TecSalud and Sorteos Tec.

Premio Mujer Tec

"This initiative is a space in which the Tecnológico de Monterrey makes visible and recognizes the talent of students, graduates, collaborators, teachers and managers in various fields, and who are part of its four institutions," said Tec in a statement.

Carried out through the Center for the Recognition of Human Dignity , the Tec 2022 Woman Award is a recognition of the work of women who contribute to making their talent visible. In addition, the institution affirms that it has become "an inspiring example for other organizations to create similar initiatives that close the gender gap and make visible the transformative power of women in society."

Applicants may participate in 9 categories:

  • Transforming Power. Women decision makers who stand out for their work with innovation and / or inclusion.
  • Sciences. Women who stand out in science for their research or innovation within their area of knowledge.
  • Health & Wellness. Women who stand out for creating and promoting mental health and well-being spaces with a gender perspective.
  • Citizenship with a gender perspective. Women who work for the promotion of gender equality and the eradication of gender violence.
  • # She4She. Women who launch initiatives so that more women have access to education or the development of skills that allow them paid activities and formality in their jobs.
  • Art and Cultural Management. Women who stand out in art or who include themes with a gender perspective in their artistic production.
  • Entrepreneurship. Women creators of innovative companies, products or services that facilitate people's lives or that represent an innovation in management, organization or technology in their undertaking.
  • Sports and Sports Management. Women who stand out in any sport or are promoters of women or girls in this area in favor of gender equality individually, or within the institution or company where they work.
  • Environment. Women whose work is exemplary and outstanding on issues related to climate change and sustainability.

The jury for each category will be made up of members of the Tec de Monterrey community . The winners will receive the 'Muliere Amet' medal , which means “challenging woman” in Latin. They will also be presented with a piece designed by C37 inspired by Kristen Visbal's powerful 'Fearless girl' sculpture.

The call will be open from November 1 to 26 and those who wish to apply can do so themselves or through other people within the Institution.

You can consult the complete call on the official site of the Tec 2022 Woman Award. The winners will be announced in January next year and the award ceremony will be held on March 3, 2022.