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'From graduate to elotero, but I am the best elotero in the world,' says this entrepreneur who participated in Shark Tank Mexico

Luis de la Rosa developed Coraliyo Korn a venture that led him to a tank full of sharks.

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What leads you to change careers? In 2011 Luis de la Rosa graduated with a Law Degree, however, after a few years of practicing his profession, he made the decision to start a food business that would then take him down a path that would put him in a tank full of investor sharks.

Cortesía de Shark Tank México

“I didn't like that kind of life [of my professional career], it wasn't the person I wanted to be, it's a very difficult energy to handle, and if you're not careful you become a dark person… And I said: you know what I'm going to do I'm going to start something, I'm going to start cooking to de-stress, I did it and that's how all the kitchen projects I've had were born, ”says Luis de la Rosa in an interview for Entrepreneur in Spanish .

Luis had a seafood restaurant and one Saturday it occurred to him that he could offer a "rib," mashed potatoes with clams and shrimp, accompanied by roasted corn and breads. This dish was applauded by the people but what they liked the most were the roasted corn.

"People began to tell me that everything was delicious, but the corn was with everything," says Luis. In this way, Coraliyo Korn was born, a concept in which the entrepreneur offers roasted yellow corn on the cob, seasoned with a “magic butter”.


The entrepreneur placed a grill just outside his seafood restaurant, by then, he did not know what name to give his new venture, and suddenly, roasting one of the corn, he realized that lines were marked that made them look like a coral snake.

"What is it going to be called? I did not know, I left the corn on the embers and the lines of the grill were marked on it like a coral snake and that's when the Coraliyo Korn thing occurred to me, at that moment I had the logo made and my first barbecue had it there on one side of the seafood business ”, explains Luis.

Coraliyo was born in 2018 with six thousand pesos of investment, however, the pandemic almost completely stopped the restaurant and food sales industry, who had to adapt to the delivery business or home deliveries.

“I started this three years ago with six thousand pesos, the first grill already with everything and corn, from there it grew. Already in the middle of the pandemic, the desperation to do something took me out onto the street and I stood in a corner ”, says the entrepreneur.

In three months it managed to sell 28 thousand corn, that is, approximately one million 400 thousand pesos and began to add work equipment and more wagons for its production. Currently, Luis has four carts in La Ensenada, Baja California.

However, the founder of Coraliyo went through a difficult time or "downhill" because he wanted to start with a franchise model that did not work at that time.

Shark Tank to lift your spirits

“We started talking about franchises, but they didn't happen at the time, and I was agitated because the whole business collapsed, I was left alone again. At that moment they discovered us and invited us to Shark Tank ”, says Luis.

Image: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

Coraliyo Korn arrived at Shark Tank Mexico , which is broadcast on Canal Sony, asking for 600 thousand pesos for 25% of the company, and although they did not receive any investment, the entrepreneur says that he feels happy to have participated in the program.

“It went well for us, it was a good experience, the dream is logical if they invest you and be in all of Mexico, but then I analyzed it and I said to myself: the projection that you are going to have is going to be very poor, you are going super well, your business is going to sell thousands of corn, is the best reward for your business ”, says Luis.

Now Coraliyo will seek to distribute its product packed under high vacuum with the aim of selling them in meat boutiques.

The school of entrepreneurship is different

Deciding to change careers is not an easy thing, however, if you do not like what you do, it may be that this activity is not very productive for your life in general, in this context, and having turned your life around by changing your work in the courts for a restaurant, Luis has some advice for us:

  • Overcome fear

“If you decide to go through life with the school of entrepreneurship, unlike the institutional school [you have to know] that the school of entrepreneurship is different, in this university you don't pay for your semester, you pay with experiences, by staying with nothing, you are your modules, so I recommend you overcome fear, first find what to do without leaving your previous job, don't stop learning, be adventurous and move ”.

  • Find a business that makes you happy

“Once they told me, 'hey, but from graduate to elotero and I turned around and told them: I am the best elotero in the world… That's what makes you a great entrepreneur,” he concludes.