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Matthew McConaughey: Alright, Alright, Alright, I'm Not Running for Texas Governor

After months of speculation, the award-winning actor, bestselling author and inspiration for countless memes has said he will instead focus on 'supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundation.' Well, alright then.


Last night, Matthew McConaughey took to social media and delivered what amounted to the most dramatically drawn out non-announcement in modern political history. 

In a three-plus-minute address, the Oscar-winning actor and New York Times bestselling memoirist shared that after a period of "working on the answers to the question of how I can be most useful in this life," he has declined to run for governor of Texas in next year's election. Then again, before his address, he'd demurred on confirming whether he had genuine political aspirations or merely enjoyed the theoretical possibilities of what a hypothetical campaign for his home state's highest office could mean for his — and humanity's — future. 

Well, incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott can breathe easier this morning. In his video testimonial, McConaughey shared that as a result of his recent crash course in political science, he has concluded, "We have some problems we need to fix. Our politics needs new purpose. We have divides that need healing. We need more trust in our lives. We've gotta start shining a light on our shared values, the ones that cross party lines and build bridges instead of burn them."

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In lieu of seeking a seat at the table of governance, McConaughey went on that he plans to "continue supporting entrepreneurs, business and foundations that I believe are leaders, establishments I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life, organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust while also building prosperity."

In other words, he is literally passing the buck on progress. But as McConaughey said in the preface to his aforementioned bestseller Greenlights, "Stepping in s**t is inevitable, so let's either see it as good luck, or figure out how to do it less often."

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