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Tesla Is Reportedly Going to Initiate a Voluntary Recall for Hundreds of Its Vehicles

The company has already authorized service employees to replace faulty cameras for eligible Tesla owners.


If your Tesla's Autopilot cameras have been having problems, you may be eligible for a replacement. According to CNBC, the carmaker is reportedly going to replace Autopilot cameras in the front fenders of some of its vehicles for free. 

Dean Mouhtaropoulos | Getty Images

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Though an official voluntary recall hasn't been announced yet, CNBC reports that service documents were distributed throughout the company in late November. The documents revealed that repeater cameras on some Model S, X and 3 vehicles from Tesla's Fremont, Cali. plant are faulty. These cameras are found near the side-view mirrors of some Tesla vehicles and give visibility in the car’s blind spots. They also help with features like Autopilot and Smart Summon.

But when the repeater cameras aren't functioning correctly, drivers may see a black box on their main display or get alerts that their Autopilot's functions are limited. The news platform reports that this issue is affecting at least "several hundred" vehicles. 

This isn't the first time Tesla has had to recall some of its cars. Last month, the company recalled around 12,000 vehicles due to a glitch in its “Full Self-Driving” software. It also recently recalled more than 800 Model Y vehicles due to a potentially dangerous suspension defect.

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