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3 Entrepreneur Lessons From the Movie Free Guy

Apply these three entrepreneurship lessons to accelerate business success.

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If you were locked down or sheltering in place when the movie Free Guy hit the box office, then you missed out on tons for business lessons. Of course, even if you watched the movie then you might have been so distracted by Ryan Reynolds's hilarious antics and missed out on the entrepreneurial easter eggs scattered throughout the film. 

Twentieth Century Fox

The Blue Shirt Guy was just an average character in the beginning, but he soon transformed into a sunglass-wearing hero. This transformation happened because of entrepreneurship and how it helped him achieve success with his life goals.

What are the entrepreneurial lessons we can extract from this movie? 

1. Fall in love 

When it comes to business, we hear entrepreneurs drone on about their passions, but that’s not what lit a spark of fire in Blue Shirt Guy. He fell head over heels in love with a player who was out of his league — and this is how he started seeing the drab reality behind ordinary life.   

The idea that you need to have passion for your business ideas is a common misconception. To be successful, it's not enough just to feel strongly about what we do. We also must fall head over heels in love with our projects and become obsessed with them.

When this happens, then all of your attention goes straight into the industry or product rather than any other activity.

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2. Wear the sunglasses 

When Guy committed fully to changing his life, he put on the player's sunglasses and suddenly begins to see all of the opportunities available. When people dedicate themselves to entrepreneurship, they start seeing things differently than before; instead of seeing problems everywhere with no opportunity in sight (which was what it looked like), now there are opportunities disguised as obstacles — which only makes them more excited about taking action.

The power of entrepreneurship is in your hands, not just for making money but also for changing lives. Entrepreneurs should use these special powers to think differently and come up with out-of-the-box ideas that can change our world for the better.

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3. Take massive action 

Once Guy was bitten by the love bug, he put on his shades and used his powers to innovate an old game’s playing process. Instead of killing people for points, he started saving them in order to earn dramatically more than before. Once he had his process in place, he started taking massive action.

When you have been set on fire by your love of business, then you should take massive action by any means necessary. This might even mean picking up the phone like Sara Blakely, who cold-called Neiman Marcus to get her first order, or Steve Jobs, who cold-called a VC 150 times to get his first investment in Apple. 

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