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DoorDash's CEO Might Deliver Your Next Takeout Meal Himself

Probably not. But all of the platform's corporate employees -- all the way up to its chief executive -- will be delivering at least one order to a customer's home this January.


Admit it: None of you realized DoorDash has been in business for nearly a decade. Let alone that one of the food-delivery platform's earliest initiatives was called WeDash, the idea being that all its workers — including corporate employees — would at some point make a meal delivery run to underscore the company's sense of community ethos. 

After a pandemic hiatus, WeDash has been resurrected heading into the New Year. As CNNBusiness reports, the program will return in January, with everyone from software gurus to C-Suite honchos mandated to be a one-off "Dasher."

Unsurprisingly, immediate reports surfaced of disgruntlement among the ranks. Per SFGate, one such well-paid office worker posted to anonymous social media platform Blind, “What the actual f—k?. I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this.”

A DoorDash spokesperson told CNNBusiness, "The sentiment of the employee on Blind is not a reflection of the employees base at large. This is a valued program we've had since the company's inception." 

Except for that period during the pandemic when their regular Dashers were still on the front lines while white-collar personnel worked from home and ordered delivery from Grubhub. 

Happy ordering, everyone!

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