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Elon Musk Calls Out 'Security Issue' With Accounts Posting His Travel Dates

The Tesla CEO spoke out after an outlet incorrectly cited his travel dates for an upcoming trip to Berlin.


Posting to social media has become so second nature for most of us that the line between sharing too much personal information and not sharing enough can get easily blurred. When it comes to celebrities and public figures, something as simple as posting a location can lead to potentially dangerous consequences for those with ill intent.

Bloomberg | Getty Images

Tesla CEO Elon Musk brought attention to this via Twitter on Monday after piggybacking off of a Tweet by entrepreneur and Tesla investor Sawyer Merrit that explained how he would no longer be discussing or disclosing Musk’s travel plans as he had been doing previously.

“Going forward I won't be posting any reported travel plans for @elonmusk,” Merrit posted. “I would encourage others to do so too. I'm sure Elon doesn't want that stuff reported & at the end of the day, we want to keep Elon and his family safe.”

Musk, who shares custody of 2-year-old son X AE A-Xii with ex-partner Claire Boucher aka Grimes, responded to the tweet by firmly seconding, “Yeah, unfortunately this is becoming a security issue.”

The social media fodder comes following a false report that Musk would be visiting the Tesla factory in Berlin on January 16, which referenced a tweet by Merrit claiming that the information was true.

"I obv can’t comment on every rumor, but this isn’t true,” Musk said earlier this week. “Am headed to Berlin mid Feb, not this week.”

As of Tuesday morning, Tesla was up 24% year over year.

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