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Gas Prices Skyrocket Over $5 Per Gallon in One Major U.S. City

The West Coast city is seeing sky-high gasoline prices dollars above the national average.


Upon Russia invading Ukraine, many Americans have been concerned with how the conflict will directly affect them, from supply chain issues, to inflation, to shortages of certain goods and services.

dkhoriaty | Getty Images

Most notably, many are concerned with fuel prices, worrying about long lines at gas stations and never-before-seen high prices when filling up their tanks.

It looks like those fears haven't been unfounded, as the first average gas price per gallon just skyrocketed over $5 in San Francisco.

Per AAA data, the current average price per gallon of gas in the United States is about $3.73, while the California state average is a whopping $4.94.

The average gas price at this time last year was an estimated $2.75.

This is the first time in U.S. history that gas has ever hit a $5 per gallon average in a city, according to oil and gasoline expert Patrick De Haan.

Oil prices shot up over $113 in trading on Thursday.

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