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Half of of Apple's U.S. Employees Are Now From Underrepresented Communities

The company released its latest 'Inclusion & Diversity' report this week.


Apple has released its latest internal "Inclusion & Diversity" report, updating consumers and businesses on the progress the company has made in building an inclusive workforce. Per the report, half of the company's current U.S.-based employees are from underrepresented communities, putting it in a competitive standing against other big tech companies.

Sean Rayford/Getty Images
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

“At Apple, we’re committed to building a culture where everybody belongs, and we’re thrilled that today our global workforce is more diverse than ever," Apple said in a statement. "This commitment is deeply ingrained into who we are as a company. We also know that diverse backgrounds and our shared differences make our teams stronger and drive innovation.”

The company emphasizes its hiring of women and BIPOC employees, reporting an 89% increase in the number of women employees globally from 2014-'21 and a 74% increase in the overall number of employees from underrepresented communities in the U.S. within the same time period.

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The proportion of Black employees increased from 7%-9.4% between 2014-'21, while Hispanic/Latinx employee-representation increased from 11%-14.8%. The findings also reflect that 59% of U.S. leadership positions were filled by people from underrepresented communities, with 47% being occupied by women.

By comparison, 60.9% of U.S.-based Facebook employees in 2021 identified as non-white in 2021, a figure that came in at 51.4% for Amazon, according to data from Protocol.

Apple was up over 39% year over year as of Wednesday afternoon.

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