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Audi presents a concept car designed for mega cities

The urbansphere Concept will help passengers make the most of the time they spend commuting and will offer a number of applications to help them avoid stress.

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Anyone who lives in a big city knows: traffic is a real nightmare. The hours pass at five kilometers per hour in the midst of battles to change lanes or cross that intersection with broken traffic lights. With the growth of cities and the vehicle fleet, things will hardly improve; Unlike. According to a report by TomTom , a traffic analysis and solutions company, in Istanbul (the city with the worst traffic in the world) the inhabitants spend about 142 hours stuck in traffic every year. In Bogota, 126 hours. In Lima, 96 hours. In Mexico City, 87 hours. In New York, 80 hours. In Buenos Aires, 71 hours.


In response to this situation Audi has presented a concept car called Audi urbansphere Concept that aims to lighten the hours spent in traffic. It is a capsule that will allow its passengers to relax and take advantage of the hours they spend stuck in a traffic jam. The vehicle's cabin has been designed with multi-purpose interior space that can be transformed into an office, projection room or lounge at the push of a button.

In the presentation of the vehicle , Oliver Hoffman , a member of the technological development council, mentioned that the concepts that govern the development of Audi are "automated, electric driving and total connectivity. We always take the time to understand what people want and use that knowledge for our ongoing development and design . The design of the Audi urbansphere Concept sheds light on what we will see in Audi models around 2025."

The vehicle was designed with the reality of Chinese cities in mind, they are a lot of traffic and in eternal movement, but in reality they apply to any large city in the world. It comes equipped with applications capable of measuring the level of stress of the passengers and tools to help the passenger to relax through meditation sessions and other applications adapted to the mood. In addition, it has huge retractable touch screens to make videoconferences or project series and movies.

The urbansphere is a 100% electric vehicle with the hypothetical possibility of offering autonomous driving that would allow those behind the wheel to enjoy the benefits of the spacious and well-equipped cabin. Interiors are spacious with reclining seats and a panoramic roof

The urbansphere Concept joins two cars that the brand introduced last year: the Audi Skysphere Concept and the Audi grandsphere Concept. The three vehicles are a clear example of the vision that the brand has for the future and although for now they are just concepts, we could soon see some of their attributes incorporated into commercial models.

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