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Stop Snoring with This Innovative, Muscle-Stimulating Device

Every entrepreneur needs a good night's sleep to seize the next day. This clever devise can help.

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While there are many methods to try to get better sleep, sometimes it comes down to a classic, pernicious problem: Snoring.

Snore Circle

If you snore, it can be difficult to fall into a deep sleep. If the person you sleep with snores, it can be difficult to get to sleep at all. Whoever is the culprit, nip the snoring in the bud with the Snore Circle YA4200 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus.

When you sleep, your throat, tongue, and jaw all relax, which can narrow your throat's airway, restricting your breathing. That's what causes the snoring sound. Snore Circle aims to treat that problem at the source by stimulating the muscles under your chin using EMA+TENS technology to keep your airway open and air flowing freely and comfortably.

Snore Circle uses a high-precision sensor to detect snoring and then taps into a patented intelligent algorithm to emit a small, harmless electrical current to stimulate your nerves. It offers 30 intensity levels that the algorithm will navigate to identify the exact amount of energy needed to stop your snoring without waking you up.

Snore Circle uses a special grade conductive stripe that attaches to your chin (remember to shave any stubble) and pairs with the Snore Circle and Sleeplus apps to give you greater insight to your sleep. You can record all your sleeping activities, monitor the number of times you snore, assess the intensity of your snoring, and more so you can attempt to solve the problem once and for all, keeping you refreshed and ready to take on every day.

Treat yourself to a better night's sleep every night. Right now, the Snore Circle YA4200 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus is on sale for 15 percent off $119 at $99.99.

Prices subject to change.

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