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Handling Customer Complaints

With a little finesse, you'll be able to achieve a positive outcome.

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Studies show that the vast majority of unsatisfied customers will never come right out and tell you they're unsatisfied. So when a customer complains, don't think of it as a nuisance--think of it as a golden opportunity to change that customer's mind and retain his or her business--it's better they complain than leave quietly, later telling everyone they know not to do business with you. So when you receive complaints, here's how to handle them for positive results:

  • Let customers vent their feelings.

  • Never argue with a customer.

  • Never tell a customer, "You don't have a problem."

  • Share your point of view as politely as you can.

  • Take responsibility for the problem.

  • Immediately take action to remedy the situation.

Excerpted from Grow Your Business

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