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Turning a Business Trip Into a Vacation

Can you mix business and pleasure when claiming tax deductions for business trips? Only if you play by Uncle Sam's rules.

Electric Slide

Sign up for electronic filing, and you could get a tax-penalty refund.

Papers Away

Tax records weighing you down? Switch to electronic storage.

Getting Their Slice

Save money, and keep employees happy with stock ownership plans.

Nobody's Fool?

Health insurance scams target entrepreneurs.

Fun Money

Mixing business and pleasure can pay off.

To the Rescue

Feel like the IRS is out to get you? A taxpayer advocate is on your side.

Estate of Affairs

Don't play beneficiary roulette when it comes to your estate plan.

Hangin' Tough

Look sharp--the IRS is beefing up its enforcement tactics and cracking down on tax cheaters.

Hey, Give a Little!

. . . or a lot, if you like. Either way, charitable donations are still a smart idea.

Easy Street

A new IRS regulation makes it a snap to calculate and report company vehicle deductions on your next tax return.

States of the Union

States back a uniform sales-tax system that would raise additional revenue. What will the change mean for you?

What's Your Type?

Buying business real estate? The legal entity you choose could make a big difference in your tax bill.

For a Limited Time

Want to take advantage of the cut in dividend taxes? You'll need to strike while the iron's hot.

Passing Marks?

New legislation could improve the IRS' report card when it comes to considering the needs of small business.