5 Tips for a Successful Video Interview From choosing the best location to testing hardware, here are a things you should do to ensure your interview is memorable.

By Ceren Cubukcu

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Video interviews are getting more and more popular nowadays. Since companies want to find the best talent, video interview gives them an opportunity to screen the candidates without making them travel. In this way, employers can save money and candidates can save time. Also, candidates have the comfort of making the interview from their homes. As a candidate, if you are not used to video interviews, below are some helpful tips for you to get ready for it.

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1. Choose an appropriate location

Make sure to interview in an appropriate room where there won't be any noises and you won't get distracted. If you have pets at home, keep them in a different room during the interview. A barking dog or a meowing cat noise in the background doesn't make you look very professional. Also, a plain white wall as a backdrop is ideal for video interviews.

2. Try your hardware before the interview

Try all of your equipment including your headsets, microphone and internet connection to make sure that they are properly working. Set up your camera so it is focused on your eye level. Verify that your sound is clear. You can test it by making a video call with a friend. Also, confirm that you can hear the other person via your headphones.

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3. Dress accordingly

Some only dress up on top and on the bottom, they wear their pajamas! You have to consider that if you shift on your seat, they can see what you wear on your bottom so dress professionally no matter what.

4. Be carefule when you share your screen

If they ask you to share your screen and perform some tasks, then, close all other chat windows and prevent them to pop up on your screen. Minimize or close all your web browsers. It is not a good idea to use a search engine for help unless they allow you to use it.

5. Watch your expressions

If they use a TV screen or a big monitor to conduct the interview, then, your face will seem larger than it normally is. Therefore, your facial expressions will become more important during the interview. Be careful about what your expressions might say to the interviewer. Listen to the other person with your eyes. You can also nod your head once in a while to show that you are listening.

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