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One of a Kind? Make your product conform to break away from the norm.

By Don Debelak

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Although inventors are always looking for that new innovation,one problem they encounter is that a new product may be just toodifferent for people to accept. The challenge is especiallydifficult when you lack enough money to educate consumers about whyyour product is better.

Unique products such as the Weed Wacker, which replaced regularhand-operated clippers, typically survive only when introduced by alarge company like Black & Decker. The problem is even biggerwhen your product costs substantially more than existing competingproducts. But new and different products can survive if you chooseyour target customers carefully and modify your product just enoughthat it seems more like what's already on the market.

Finding Success
In 1994, Glenn Hogle worked as a marketing director for a supplierof plastic, in-drawer organizers for cosmetics, socks and hairaccessories. He was only 31 at the time, but his wrists would startto bother him after working at the computer for just 20 to 30minutes. Hogle found relief by alternatively placing one, two orthree of the small organizers under the keyboard every five or 10minutes. By varying his posture and adjusting the keyboard'sheight over time, he was able to minimize the numbness in hisfingers.

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